Un breu i explicatiu resum de perquè la web no és l’ideal que en tenim d’ella:

The idea of a global web pub­lic wholly in­de­pen­dent of state sov­er­eignty was to a great ex­tent an il­lu­sion of the early web in­dus­try, a sub­cul­tural hubris that posited the geek pub­lic as a van­guard of every­one on the planet: today Palo Alto, to­mor­row the world. Once the com­mer­cial logic of mar­ket seg­men­ta­tion, prin­ci­pally through the economics of mar­ket­ing, en­tered the pic­ture, the uni­ver­sal pub­lic gave way to the re­al­ity of con­sumer pref­er­ences, which have their own, dis­tinctly non-uni­ver­sal logic.

Scott Malcomson (2016). Splinternet. OR Books