Manel Guerra

I write software: I build tools to help others ease their work, and I do things like e-administration, software architecture and digital signatures.



Software Engineer by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I hold a Masters degree in e-business by the ICT. Born at Terrassa on 1972, I like reading, hiking and enjoying family, friends and conversation.


Writing helps ordering ideas: it makes you thing twice about what you are going to say. A blog, indeed, is a part of a network, a part of a global conversation that gives it reason for being. At Quasi un bloc (in catalan) I try to express not only my ideas about different things but also the network and conversation surrounding it

This weblog has had a first version hosted at Blocat (from april 2004 to may 2005), and also and earlier base (from september 2003 to march 2004).